Mental Health Counseling

Back to the Basics

Expectations, Disappointment, and Core Values. Learn how they relate.

Pleasant Dreams

A dream is your mind’s way of trying to communicate with you in your resting state. Therapists can use dreams to better understand the client’s waking world.

Defining "Emotional Safety"

As a therapist, it’s common to hear people say that they don’t feel “emotionally safe.”  But what does being “emotionally safe” actually...

What Is Empathy and Are We ALL Capable of Expressing It?

Some individuals don’t believe empathy to be something that anyone can express unless they have truly been through the same situation as another individual. Is that true?

Why Can't I Ever Stick to My Goals??

What's interesting about “New Year's resolutions” is that most individuals do not end up following through with them.  How can you do better?

New Year. New You.

This new year, remember that life isn’t always about succeeding. It can also be about rising from the failures we experience.