Grief and Loss Treatment

“We get no choice. If we love, we grieve” - Thomas Lynch

Grief Isn’t Something To Get Over…

Grief and loss are unavoidable parts of life. There is no one way to mourn a loved one. The pain and suffering we experience may feel overwhelming at times, and recovery may feel like one o the hardest tasks we have tried to accomplish. Grief counseling can help.

According to the Recovery Village, about 2.5 million people die in the US annually, each leaving an average of five grieving people behind. It’s estimated that 1.5 million children (5% of children in the US) have lost one of both parents by age 15

Does coping with a significant loss seem impossible? Are you experiencing deep emotional pain and physical ailments that interfere with your ability to fulfill your usual responsibilities? Does self-care seem more difficult to manage? Are you becoming angry, more easily frustrated, or feeling guilt or shame related to your loss? Perhaps you avoid the loss completely or are using coping strategies that are unhealthy or even destructive to your well-being. We can help you in your healing process. 

Grief and loss therapy focuses on helping a person through the death of a loved one and adjusting to their new life. Individual and/or group therapy can help you navigate the feelings of denial, anger, pain, and depression that accompany the death of a loved one. When you feel alone, our team of therapists can provide support for you. Having someone to tell your story to validate your feelings is important and will make coping with your loss easier. Grief treatment includes setting goals for recovery, coping with and sharing the loss, and reviewing progress while planning for the future. 


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